Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome & Valentine's Day = Bad Luck

Hi There,welcome to anyone who may be paying attention, I'm Taffy and this is my very first blog. My intention in creating this blog will be to talk about the stuff I like, hence the name Taffy's Stuff I Like and that could be almost anything! But I have to say that my very first post will be about something I hate and I hate Valentine's Day! I don't know about the rest of the world, but for me Valentine's Day has always been the equivalent of Friday the 13th! Bad things always happens to me, or my sister on or around this date. Not sure what I mean by bad luck besides not actually receiving any V-Day gifts? Check out my greatest hits list of bad karma on February 14th:
  • The only V-Day gift I ever received was a used pair of Coca-Cola sneakers two sizes too big! "I just saw them and I thought of you!" said my then boyfriend. Hmmm, I'm a dirty old stinky pair of ugly-ass shoes that will never fit, a fine description of a relationship made in heaven...since this was the only time I got anything on V-Day, I actually thought it was the best V-Day gift ever! And no, we are not together anymore!
  • My apartment was broken into on Valentine's Day! My sister and I arrived home from a long day of watching every female co-worker get delivery after delivery of towers of flowers at both of our respective workplaces (neither of us got anything, in case you were wondering) and found our front door kicked in by God knows who leaving a splintery mess all over our living room! If one can consider it lucky, nothing was stolen, as I assume that the sight of my massive vinyl record and videotape collections was not what the would be thief was expecting to snag. So we spent our V-Day calling 911, filing police reports and watching the locksmith repair our smashed door lock while sullenly sipping beer, glumly picking at our long delayed dinners, ignoring American Idol on the TV and silently thinking back to the good old days of nothing for V-Day.
  • We found out our Father was going to die! I don't believe that requires any furthur explaination...

And as for V-Day 2008, my sister had to go to work today but while she was running for the bus, the strap of her bag broke and spilled everything in it into the grey, salty slush of last night's snowstorm. And in case you were wondering, she also misssed the bus.

I've learned my lesson and these days, I never leave the house on Valentine's Day. Hell, I take a vacation day and I don't even answer the phone! I'm just going to sit here in the dark with a baseball bat, the phone in my hand ready to call 911 and count the minutes until the clock strikes twelve!



Blogger Graham said...

Hi Taffy, I love the blog! It made me laugh & it sometimes made me sad....

February 16, 2008 at 1:06 AM  

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