Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Taffy Likes...The Results of The 2008 US Election!!!

I never thought that I would ever live to see such an incredible moment in history! Now Afro-Americans, Afro Canadians (such as myself), and people from all walks of life, can truly look into the faces of our children and say with total truth in our hearts "Yes! You can do it!!!" and there will be no irony in that statement. Martin Luther King Jr. said in his historic 1963 speech, "I have a dream" and this event is the the starting point of that dream coming true.
That being said, I wish President Elect Barack Obama the best of luck in the next 4 years as he is going to need it! If the position of President of the United States isn't the worst job and most difficult job in the world, then I don't want to know what is! This isn't a movie where a magical negro comes and fixes everybody's problems. Let's be realistic here and remember some changes take time. Have Faith...


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