Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Taffy Likes...No, Loves Bauhaus

This week the Led Zep of Goth released their first album in 25 years and it’s hard to believe but it seems like it was only last week that I was combing through Montreal’s independent record stores Dutchies, Rock En Stock, Phantasmagoria and last but not least, W.O.W Records to find anything that I could from the one band I thought I’d never see live. Jump forwards 24 years and by then I’d seen them twice in about six months time and it was all worth the wait. I’ll probably have to wait a few days before I can pick up the album but I don’t doubt that I’ll love it.

According to the bands website “Go Away White” was recorded in only 18 days with the band playing together, live to tape and used the first takes as final cuts and will be their final collaboration. Personally, I hope this won’t be the case. How many times has David Bowie said he’d “never tour again” and “ this is the last time I’ll play these songs”?...I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


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