Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taffy Likes...Paul Rudd's Dorky/Sexy Dance In "I Could Never Be Your Woman"

Hooray! I have recently discovered the magic of the screen capture feature on my computer's dvd application. So I present to you for my viewing pleasure (hope that you like it too) Paul Rudd's dance face from the direct to DVD film "I Could Never Been Your Woman" starring Michelle Pfieffer and of course, Super Cutie Paul Rudd!

Ride ME Cowboy!!! Wheee!!!!

Wax On, Wax Off!!! I'm not sure what exactly that move is called but that extra in the pink tank top sure likes it!

I can't wait to get this guys pants off!!!

I picked up this dvd for $4 at my local dep and it was $4 well spent. Now that's high praise coming from me because I loathe romantic movies with the kind of passion that filmmakers think are depicted in these kind of films. It's cute, funny and look at Ms. Pfieffer up there, just as beautiful as ever. Why not just recast her as Catwoman in the Chris Nolan films? She's still got it!


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