Monday, October 5, 2009

Things Taffy Hates...Gourmet Magazine To Fold!!!

Son of a bitch!!! I don't usually take these kind of things very seriously but I am bummed out that one of my favourite magazines, Gourmet, will soon no longer be published! I love this magazine! Even though their heavy emphasis on travel was not really my thing (because only people who have millions of dollars can stand on top of a mountain) I loved the recipes. I also read Food & Wine because the articles are great but I've never actually tried any of their recipes. Some how F&W recipes don't connect with me.
It was with Gourmet however, that I learned how to cook the baked eggs that I always make for my friends and family when they come to stay with me during the holidays, that I found out that the micro-brewery near to my apartment was defiantly worth checking out and helped me to find that one of the best restaurants in Canada was back in my home town of Montreal. Even one of their editorials featured pictures of my glamorous model cousin (who by the way, cannot cook). Gourmet helped to shape my views, my appreciation and my love of food and cooking in such a way that I'm not really sure I would have had if I didn't have the magazine to guide me on my culinary journey. I will raise a glass to their staff, who are most certainly taking this news a lot harder than I am.


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