Thursday, November 18, 2010

F*ck T.O.: Chef Ramsay to Open 1st CDN Restaurant in Montreal

Who's got two thumbs and is a total prick?
World famous chef and total asshat Gordon Ramsay will open his first Canadian restaurant in Montreal, much to the dismay of Toronto starf*ckers. Ramsay will be slapping his name onto the Rotisserie Laurier BBQ in Outremont.  I say slapping his name as the resto will now be called Rotisserie Laurier BBQ by Ramsay even though the place has been in business since 1936. Apparently, he'll be adding some new items to the existing menu, so I guess that what makes it by Ramsay.

All I have to say is good luck because Montrealers are passionate and serious about their food (there so many great restos there and it's awesome but their attitudes towards celebrity is a lot different than other places I've seen.  Montreal is the kind of place where Angelina Jolie walked into a record store where I used to work and none of the employees could be bothered to help her.  I watched Queen Latifah wander up an down an aisle looking for a cd for 20 minutes until an employee who didn't know who she was decided to ask her if she needed anything.  Wesley Snipes came in and asked for an entire section to be closed so that he could shop in private and they laughed at him.  In short, Chef Ramsay is going to have to do a lot more on the Montreal restaurant scene besides putting his name on something if he wants to make an impression.  In fact I wouldn't be suprised if people avoid the place, just because!

Speaking of restaurants, I dying to go back to Au Pied de Cochon when I go home in December, even if I have to go by myself and get me some Duck in a Can.  And I don't even like duck, but it's soooo gooood!

In the background: Duck in a can.  In the foreground: So much sausage!

Even more sausage!

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