Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey DC Comics! What's Going On With the Super Knees?

Why On Earth Would  Superman's New Costume Need Knee Pads...

And Yet Supergirl's New Boots Don't Have Any Knees At All?

These are the covers for the Superman & Supergirl reboots and that is some seriously dumbass costume design going on there.  At least Superman's got some action going on in his cover and is actually doing something as opposed to just lazily floating around in space and trying to look cute.  Seriously, that Supergirl cover is a mind numbingly dull concept and I wouldn't be the least bit interested in even thumbing through the book if I saw it on the shelf.  Covers are supposed to be the promise of an exciting tale inside, not of posing like you're struting down a red carpet!  Yawn...


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