Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Venture Bros. Renewed for Season 5 AND Season 6!!!

In what is the best news I'll hear all week, Adult Swim has renewed, the animated show that I swear is written specifically for me, for 2 seasons plus a 60 to 90 minute special.  They won't be starting production until this June so, there's no dates set yet for the Season 5 premiere.  Although  I know whatever they come up with will be awesome in my book, here's a couple of things that I'd like to see more of:

Hello, I'm David Bowie.
Vhat?  I was never in de Stooges!

Make Way for the Homo Superior!
David Bowie is my all-time favourite male artist.  I've seen him in concert 8 times and would still go see him even if he was pushed out onto the stage in a wheelchair and all he did was clap farts into his seat.  When he showed up as the Sovereign, the head of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, I was thrilled!  Not just because I love him but because when  was a little kid, I used to draw my own cartoons featuring a busty redheaded super spy named Lucy Lane, whose chief nemesis was...Rod Stewart!  Yeah, I made Rod Stewart a supervillian some 20 years before Bowie showed up as the Sovereign so that's just one of the ways I felt like Hammer & Publick not only on the same wavelength as me, they were also reading my mind! Now if only Bowie would agree to actually voice himself!
Did You Get Herpe From Kissing Your Wife's Ass?  After I Put Herpes in it?
 If I could see more of the gang from the episode Self-Medication I would be grateful!  It was one of my favourite espisodes of Season 4, if not my favourite, and I would love to see the original Wonderboy, the Hale Bros, Ro-Boy and especially Action Johnny team up again.  Not only was it well written and provided Dr. Venture with some significant character progression but it also included great vocal performances from Seth Green, John Hodgman and Patton Oswalt.  There's nothing to hate here in my book!


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