Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Woman's Rework: Kate Bush to Release "Director's Cut" Album

I love Kate Bush.  I have loved her since 1982 when my sister and I were shopping in a now long gone record store in Montreal called Phantasmagoria.  We were perusing the stacks of vinyl in the store's almost all wood interior when this song came blasting out of their sound system, shrieking and braying like a banshee warning me, not of a impending catastrophe but of the placement of a musical bar so high, I would judge every single female (and almost every male) artist  I would ever listen with this one woman for the rest of my life:
My sister and I pooled our money and bought The Dreaming right on the spot. Up until that time, my knowledge of Bush was fairly limited.  Having been a big Pat Benatar fan, I knew her version (which I had loved) of Wuthering Heights that was featured on Benatar's second album Crimes of Passion, was written by Bush that first appeared on her 1978 debut album The Kick Inside but I hadn't actually heard her until the above posted Sat In Your Lap but once I heard Kate, I was hooked: 

But Pat Was My Gateway Drug.
I have all of Kate's albums and like just like the rest of her fans, I have to wait many, many years for her to release a new record.  I had to wait 4 years from the Hounds of Love to the Sensual World and another 4 years for The Red Shoes.  But that all time pales in comparison to the 12 years me and her fans waited between TRS and 2005's Aerial.  
The Waiting Is the Hardest Part.
 She had pretty much retreated from the public eye after she had a child in 1998 and wanted him to have a normal upbringing.  As if her upbringing was normal. If being raised on an English country farm by your doctor father and your artist mother, teaching yourself to play piano by the age of 11, writing songs by 13, having David Gilmour of Pink Floyd help make your demo, getting a record deal by age 16, have your first #1 song by the age of 19 and having never, ever held a part time or 9 to 5 job is totally normal, then I and everyone I know must be freaks of nature who has strayed far, far off the path of normality.
Because Parading Around in an Outfit Like This is Totally Normal!

Especially if You're This Woman!
As much as I'm happy that she's only taking 6 years between Director's Cut and Aerial, this release is not going to contain much new material.  Not unlike a director's cut DVD that re-edits or adds  to a previously released film and makes it into something closer to an intended ,original vision, Kate has re-recorded songs from The Sensual World & The Red Shoes and possibly a new song but I've yet to see anything confirming that fact.  Normally, I would find the retreading of old songs an iffy prospect for the majority of artists and in a very notable case, it's the worst possible thing an artist could do.  When The Police recorded their hit song Don't Stand So Close To Me in 1986, the result was so unlistenable that it seemed they made it solely as  their justification for disbanding:

So Awful, I Don't Dare Link It.
But in Kate's case, I'm prepared to make an exception mainly because her output in so minimal that I'm happy to accept anything she's willing to dish out.  I only have one word of advice, This Woman's Work is not broken, so please don't fix it!


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