Friday, March 18, 2011

Make it Stop: It's Wonder Woman's New TV Costume :(

Great Hera, Suffering Sappho, Merciful Minerva, Jesus Christ & WTF!!!
If only Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso of Truth actually existed so I could beg someone to wrap me up in it and command me to forget that I ever saw this photograph!  The only thing this production has done right so far was to hire Adrianne Palikci, who was great on Friday Night Lights and is a beauty, to play Wonder Woman.  She's the perfect choice but for the love of Zeus!  Why are they doing this to her?  Why are they doing this to us, for that matter?  Pleather Pants?  I sort of get that the recent redo of her costume in the monthly comic book was to "update" her and make her look less like an American Flag but what exactly is the intent here?  To let her enemies know when she's coming? Because that outfit is going to squeak like a bear daddy sitting in a leather chair...
Or The World's First "Analrapist"
Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Hollywood types have gotten the costume wrong.  Just take a look at the badly miscast blond tennis champion Cathy Lee Crosby in a 1974 TV movie that was based more or less on the WW who had no powers but was a kung-fu feminist.  This was the result:
I'm Wonder Woman: Fly Me!
Surprisingly, costume designers don't always get it wrong, even when the project itself is far off the mark.  A god awful pilot was produced in 1967 that featured WW as an old maid who lived in the suburbs with her shrew of a mother (and who's desperate for grandchildren).  What really made this production sad was that  although WW was portrayed as having power, she wasn't physically attractive. Although, at least in her own eyes she was because when the "unattractive" actress (Ellie Wood Walker) looks into a mirror, her reflection is played by a different, "hotter" one (Linda Harrison).  I guess it's supposed to reflect the pre-feminist idea that if you're better than a man, they won't want you ot that beauty is all that matters.  All I know for sure is that it's shit.  The pilot is on YouTube and I've linked to it.  Watch it and weep...
You notice what they got right?  The costume is a replica of WWII WW's shorty shorts and despite the fact that her tiara looks like it was cut out of cardboard, at least it was accurate!
Needless to say the 1970's TV with Lynda Carter did it right. Yes, it was a hokey show, but who cares? Look at her...
Pictured: Perfection
Another production that gets the costume right is, inexplicably, Justice League: A Hardcore Parody.  Can someone please explain to me how Chanel Preston, a professional tramp, looks less sleazy than Palicki's pleather?
This is Depressing!


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