Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well, This Made My Day!

Behold the Buff Buskers! Bonus: They're Australian! Enjoy, because I know I did!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Actually Looking Forward to Dancing With the Stars!?!

Yes, for once I am actually going to be looking forward to watching Dancing With the Stars this season. Usually, I can take or leave the show, as its interest to me is limited to whoever happens to be contestants at the time. Well, now I'm really interested because one of my favourite martial arts actors will be competing on DWTS. Ladies & Gentlemen: MARK DACASCOS!
I will kick your ass and I will look great while I do it!

If people know him at all, they know him as the Chairman on the American version of Iron Chef. But I know him as the Kick Ass Hot Guy in Very, Very Crappy "C" Grade Martial Arts Movies. Mind you, he has been in a couple of good movies: The Brotherhood of the Wolf and Drive but the rest of his credits are less than stellar. They include:

American Samurai

Double Dragon

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Alien Agent

Yeah, nobody saw those movies either, unless you live or have spent time in the kind of foreign country that actually shows straight to DVD movies on big screens in actual theatres because it's way cheaper than booking the big studio, high budget hollywood fare. But I still really like him and I'll watch DWTS until he gets voted off. I'm not saying that he''ll be voted off because I don't think he can dance. In fact, I have no doubt that he'd be able to dance every one else into the ground as he's probably the fittest and most co-ordinated of all of them. Frankly, if Dacascos isn't the best dancer they have this season, then he should go home and fall on that pointy sword he's swinging around up there out of shame. He's going to get sent home because nobody knows who he is! The show's supposed to be Dancing With the Stars not Dancing With Where Have I Seen That Guy Before? Good Luck Mark!