Thursday, October 21, 2010

And I Thought Barack Obama had the Worst Job in the World!

 Meet 20-year-old criminology student Marisol Valles Garcia.  She has just became  the new police chief of Guadalupe, Mexico's second-most violent city because nobody else would accept the job.  In an area where two local mayors were murdered in the past year and police officers are beheaded on a regular basis, this girl accepted the job.  If I ever wondered if it were possible to be proud and terrified at the same time, I now know it's possible!  I can't decide if Ms. Garcia has the biggest balls in Mexico or if she actually thinks that she can make a difference in the face of all the fear and despair.

And if she wasn't ballsy enough, her team will consist of 13 women with no weapons!  From CNN:

"We are simply going to talk with them, with the people, with the families, giving them confidence so they will quit being afraid, so they can leave their houses," she told CNN en EspaƱol."

I am not a praying person, but I hope that the people who do pray do so for her.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And Now, For No Reason What So Ever...

Hey Baby, You Got My Note!
Yeah, the one I sent you about Supernatural being really boring this season. I can tell by the look on your really hot face that sometimes the truth hurts.  I know you want to make me happy and I can tell just by how things have vastly improved by the third episode, that you care. But if you value our happy, completely fantasy relationship that exists only in my mind, you'll keep it up.  You should know that this new guy has been flirting with me lately and well, he's starting to look really tempting:

In a Disheveled Professor Kind of Way...

So keep up the good work, baby and we won't have to have this discussion again, ok? Thanks babe, you  can go back to doing your chin ups again!

 Lot's and Lot's of Chin Ups!