Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Liked Thor!

Superheroes!  They’re literally falling from the skies these days!  
Hey Babe! Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven?
My sister and I went to see the latest Marvel superhero film Thor.   He’s never been a character I’m that familiar with since I’m a DC girl at heart but since I’m expecting that the demand for Superhero films may wane soon just because of the recent hero glut in the market, I sort of want to see most of them before they fall out of vogue.  But one thing helped to catch my interest is that Thor looks like this:
My male cousin asked me what I thought of this movie while we were watching its trailer a few weeks back and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “He’s a hot piece!  That’s what I think!”  Even though usually, blue eyed blonds are not my thing...Damn!  You’ll need a ladder to get on top of that!

But putting my bunched up panties aside, the other thing I thought was that I still hadn’t forgiven director Kenneth Branagh for 1994’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which would easily be in my top 10 worst movies of all time (if I had ever bothered to make such a list) so I was not really excited when he was hired. If I had to sum up Branagh’s work in one word, it would be inconsistent.  Well, all is forgiven because Thor turned out to be pretty good!

I liked that the filmmakers took a chance in making Thor a less than likeable character with a lot to learn about being a leader.  In the first half of the film, he’s an egotistical jackass so full of himself that he spends the early part of the film bragging, fighting and not listening to anything anyone has to say because he’s Thor and he’s got the hammer. 
And Two Tickets to the Gun Show...
Displaying a personality trait typical of the Y Generation, Thor's sense of entitlement is as massive as he is.  Fully expecting that he’s going to be King of Asgard soon, he just does whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences or anyone else’s feelings and just shows up on the Frost Giants doorstep (The Asgardian mortal enemies) to kick some icy ass, despite the fact that the actual King told him not to. I almost cheered when Odin kicked Thor to the curb for essentially being a spoiled brat and reducing him to a powerless hobo who’s nearly overwhelmed by his new surroundings where people think he's crazy:
The Mighty Thor Has No Need of This Lithium of Which You Speak!
But to my surprise, I actually found myself on Team Loki. I understand how Thor’s little brother and nemesis would be considered as being Machiavellian but at least his deceptions take time to be revealed in comparison to Thor’s me, me, me, in your face attitude.  Thor’s disrespect towards his father’s peace keeping efforts and outright rebellion are just as bad as Loki’s trickery.  

 I’m far from an expert on Niccolò Machiavelli’s work but Thor is a rightful Prince (by birth) and as such his friends follow him because that’s what’s expected of them. Loki doesn’t have this kind of advantage and because of this, he has to establish himself as ruler by defiance of custom or more bluntly, by being one sneaky motherfucker!
And Deliverer of Cuteye!
What really helps the film is how the filmmakers avoided portraying Loki as moustache twirler and depicted him as a man with real internal pain at having to stand in Thor’s big ass shadow despite his own efforts at trying to maintain Odin’s sense of propriety.   
Everybody Hurts...
Loki gets no reward (or even much of a reaction) from Odin for trying to reign in Thor’s impulsiveness and at different points during the film, both brothers find themselves as princes without kingdoms: Thor is banished and impotent on Earth (he can’t use his Hammer!) 
And by Hammer, I Mean His Penis.
and Loki finds himself a victim of deception with no real sense of place. 
Unless That Place Is in This Dude's Wake!
I really liked was the actor playing Loki.  I had never heard of Tom Hiddleston before and now I want to see everything he’s ever been in. If he’s this good this good in his other roles, he’s going to give Jeremy Renner a run for his money as my favourite actor and I love me some Jeremy Renner but look at this guy’s face...
He's Trying to Make Off With My MAC G3!
I also liked a lot of the little things that characters did like Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster giddy giggling when Thor would court her:
You May Swoon as Mighty Thor Returns to Asgard!
Any scene involving Thor being tased, run over, hospitalized or stuck with needles:

But mostly, this awesome hat! 

If Loki ever wants to take a bride, I have a suggestion: