Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Just Broke Up With Hugh Jackman!

Yes, I am sad to say that after almost 10 years of imaginary dating, I have broken up with my media boyfriend, Hugh Jackman:

Oh, I loved you so...

Now I know you might be wondering "Taffy! Why would you give up on that?". Well, I sat through Kate & Leopold, Someone Like You and Swordfish and I got behind him with all of that Broadway stuff because, well, he was so damn good at it but now, I'm sorry Babe. It's not me, it's YOU! My media ex is making a movie with Miley Cyrus! That is the last straw!!! It was good while it lasted. I love you but I'm not in love with you...

I still have good news though! Meet my new media boyfriend! You guessed it, It's Jared Padalecki!!! We'll be together until he makes a stupid career killing move, like making another movie with Paris Hilton in it.

I can learn to love again

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hurt Locker is Made With Lady Parts!

One of my go to websites, http://www.jezebel.com/, has an article posted today about the how damn irritating it is to have mostly male critics question your abilities because you're a woman working in a genre that is "Male". You see, not only are critics confused because director Katheryn Bigelow is 57 years old and she's smoking hot...
On Fire Hot!!!
she's made a WAR MOVIE! What, What, What!?!? Why would a Lady with Lady Parts want to make a war movie? Surely not all of the tales of finding the one and shoe shopping have been told yet! Well, nobody ever asks why an endless parade of male directors would want to make a chick flick and men have made the majority of them since the dawn of film. They get applauded for it and get to be called a "Woman's Director" as if they have solved one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. But when faced with a woman of substance they just get fucking confused. I'm heading out to NYC next week for a wedding and I hope that I can find the time to track down a theatre that's playing The Hurt Locker because I's hoping that I don't have to knock myself out to hard to try to find it on DVD. And now for a picture of Jeremy Renner, because he's the star of this movie, and I like him. I like him a whole lot.

Pretty Ugly?

Apparently, this sloppy, sweet little thing won a "World's Ugliest Dog" contest. But my heart swells up with LURVE when I look at it!!! How can that be ugly?

Umm...Yes, Yes it is.

Thanks Mr. T-Pain for pointing that out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What? WHAT???

When I think of Michael Jackson, this is how I like think of him.

RIP Farrah

I have to be honest, I've really never been a fan of Farrah Fawcett's acting. I grew up watching "Charlies Angels" and frankly, I'm a Kelly Garrett girl all the way. But what I did like about Fawcett was that she was an extremely talented artist and was studying at in college before she set out to try her hand at acting. I've only seen a few images of her work, which are sculptures she made in collaboration with artist Keith Edmier. Please take a look at Fawcett's work:
Wow, just Wow!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Great Tastes That Taste Great Together...Padalecki & Puppy!

Get a load of this, seriously!!!
There could not possibly be more panty dropping power in a photo than this one of Jared Padalecki and a puppy in a wheelchair!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Firemen & Stuntmen...Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together!

Stuntman/Baker James Kellogh likes Firemen so much that he decided to bake them a special cake shaped like their new truck. Not content to just hand the cake over Kellogh presented his handwork immediately after having himself set on fire! Yikes!!! Photo via the Montana Standard.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taffy Likes...Jared Padalecki!!!

Ugh!!! This guy is haunting my dreams and in the best and worst possible ways. Not surprisingly, my dream also included applying some kind of lubricant, but it came from my tongue, not a bottle! I only recently started watching Supernatural, a show that I enjoy despite the fact that Jared Padalecki does not take his shirt off in every single episode. If I were a guy and my torso looked like this...

I would develop a severe allergy to shirts!