Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taffy Likes...The Spice Girls!

My sister and I were lucky enough to get tickets for the Spice Girls final show which took place Feb.26, 2008 at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, the city where I keep my stuff. First of all, our seats were amazing! We were just a few feet above the orchestra section just off to the right hand of the stage (always wanted to sit there but usually end up in the nose bleed section). In a surprising switch from the "No Camera" rule in which I usually end up sneaking in shots on the sly, cameras were allowed so I hope that I don't catch any flack from posting some of the photos that my sister took at the show (I filmed the opening numbers “Spice Up Your Life” & “Stop” but the file is too big for me to post.). Hope you like them!

The Spice Girls in their opening number "Spice Up Your Life".

Victoria Beckham is definately the most popular as the audiences screaming drowned out her ahem..."vocals". The crowd would go nuts even if all she did would be to burp and fart!
Baby Spice Emma Bunton looks as cute as a button.
Singing "Holla" without Geri Halliwell.

Mel C. sings "I Turn To You". This picture gives a good example of how great our seats were.
Fun had by all!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Taffy Likes...Best Original Song, and the Oscar Goes To...

"Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova!!!! Awesome!!! And thanks John Stewart for letting Marketa come back out and give her thanks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taffy Likes...These Fine Feathered Friends

Friday, February 15, 2008

Taffy Likes...Stuff That Gets Lost In The Translation

I went grocery shopping with my friends to the newest location of an Asian supermarket chain, T & T, on Cherry Street. It’s pretty awesome in there, with a small dim sum restaurant, nice prepared food like BBQ pork & duck and very good prices on all the stuff I like to buy and eventually, like to eat. While I was checking out the aisles, it struck me just how unintentionally hilarious some of the brand names of the products were.
Clearly, if the manufacturers had known that their probably perfectly good products were going to end up on North American shelves, they probably would have thought twice before naming their cookies “Collon”….mmmmm, colons! So be careful not to eat too many colons, otherwise, you just might Pucca!!!

Taffy Likes...This Album Cover!

Sixties Without Being Psychedelic!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taffy Likes...Once

While I was back in Montreal, I popped into the local Videotron store to check out the used DVD's for my train trip back to T.O. and bought the 2007 Irish Film "Once". Generally, I loathe romantic movies as I just can't swallow the typical formulas that they follow: the meet cute, at first they can't stand each other, the girl falls down a lot, the guy keeps saying stupid things, they fight, they realize that guy/girl is the "one" and everything works out in the end. God, I hate that stuff.
Thankfully, "Once" is not that kind of movie. It rises above the formula by being, at least for me, realistic in how two people can meet, form an attraction, bring out the best in each other, and create a bond that despite where life may lead them, they will alway share.
The film's leads, Guy (Glen Hansard) and Girl (Marketa Irglova) are musicians by trade, not professional actors but because so much of the film's emotional impact comes through the music they make, any experience they may lack isn't really an issue. And what music they make, it's the real heart of the film and it's what draws Guy & Girl together and sustains their connection. Both Hansard & Irglova have been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song for "Falling Slowly" and I will be watching the awards with a box of tissue paper by my side to dry my sentimental tears when they perform it.

Taffy Likes...This Little Guy!

My cousin Aiden, how cute is he!?!?

Welcome & Valentine's Day = Bad Luck

Hi There,welcome to anyone who may be paying attention, I'm Taffy and this is my very first blog. My intention in creating this blog will be to talk about the stuff I like, hence the name Taffy's Stuff I Like and that could be almost anything! But I have to say that my very first post will be about something I hate and I hate Valentine's Day! I don't know about the rest of the world, but for me Valentine's Day has always been the equivalent of Friday the 13th! Bad things always happens to me, or my sister on or around this date. Not sure what I mean by bad luck besides not actually receiving any V-Day gifts? Check out my greatest hits list of bad karma on February 14th:
  • The only V-Day gift I ever received was a used pair of Coca-Cola sneakers two sizes too big! "I just saw them and I thought of you!" said my then boyfriend. Hmmm, I'm a dirty old stinky pair of ugly-ass shoes that will never fit, a fine description of a relationship made in heaven...since this was the only time I got anything on V-Day, I actually thought it was the best V-Day gift ever! And no, we are not together anymore!
  • My apartment was broken into on Valentine's Day! My sister and I arrived home from a long day of watching every female co-worker get delivery after delivery of towers of flowers at both of our respective workplaces (neither of us got anything, in case you were wondering) and found our front door kicked in by God knows who leaving a splintery mess all over our living room! If one can consider it lucky, nothing was stolen, as I assume that the sight of my massive vinyl record and videotape collections was not what the would be thief was expecting to snag. So we spent our V-Day calling 911, filing police reports and watching the locksmith repair our smashed door lock while sullenly sipping beer, glumly picking at our long delayed dinners, ignoring American Idol on the TV and silently thinking back to the good old days of nothing for V-Day.
  • We found out our Father was going to die! I don't believe that requires any furthur explaination...

And as for V-Day 2008, my sister had to go to work today but while she was running for the bus, the strap of her bag broke and spilled everything in it into the grey, salty slush of last night's snowstorm. And in case you were wondering, she also misssed the bus.

I've learned my lesson and these days, I never leave the house on Valentine's Day. Hell, I take a vacation day and I don't even answer the phone! I'm just going to sit here in the dark with a baseball bat, the phone in my hand ready to call 911 and count the minutes until the clock strikes twelve!